San Francisco Career Profile: Web Application Developer

San Francisco Career Profile: Web Application Developer

San Francisco and the greater Bay Area are known for successful start-up technology companies with applications widely used by the public today.

These website applications often boost engagement among users of a website or help businesses achieve certain goals. Web application developers use expertise in a variety of computer programming languages to help build computer games, interactive web pages, or other programs that help solve technology problems for a business.

A web application developer will also handle applications on a client's website, build new ones, or offer a helping hand to people who have never used the applications.

San Francisco App Examples

Pandora internet radio, located about 20 minutes away from San Francisco, is seeing success with its mobile applications. Their iPhone and smart phone apps allow users to access Pandora's services free of charge.

Many other companies, like Yelp, are also building apps for cell phones due to the rising popularity of mobile technology. Yelp users can now browse restaurant and business reviews on-the-go at anytime!

Game developer Zynga also saw rampant success within the past several years thanks to their popular games FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Javascript application developers play a large part in making these online games playable on sites like Facebook, since Java is a program used worldwide.

Facebook also encompasses a number of applications for both users and businesses. You might know these applications as polls or features like the Graffiti app that can be added to your profile. One of Facebook's first applications was the Graffiti app where users could visit another page and draw or "grafitti" a photo on a portion of their friend's wall.

Education & Training

Most companies -- especially larger companies like Pandora or Facebook -- require a four-year computer degree from a leading institution. Depending on the position you're applying for, you may need a graduate degree plus work-related experience.

During your studies you can expect to learn about the following: Java, HTML, CSS, XML and PHP. These computer languages will give you the knowledge and skills to be a successful web application developer.

Schools like DeVry University offer a variety of computer science degrees with focuses on gaming, simulation, and more. Their curriculum focuses on real-world problems you'll face on the job, giving you the knowledge to excel in your area of interest.

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco also offers degrees in game design, web design and new media. These programs include classes in PHP, MySQL, HTML, action scripting, and other skills needed by web application developers.

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