5 Characteristics of a Good Web Designer

Top 5 Characteristics of A Good Web Designer

There's a big difference between web design and graphic design. Graphic design is more print media intensive where as web design is web page intensive. While many folks believe that there is no difference, further could be from the truth; there is a huge difference and that's why getting an education in web design is so important. So what makes a web designer so unique? Here are five characteristics of good web designer:

1) "Clean" Designs: Web designers make pages that are crisp, clean, and professional looking. Likewise, the layout and navigation is simple, yet effective. "Clean" also includes attention to detail... precise pixel measurements for images and site sections are very important when it comes to styling with CSS.

2) Easily Updated Websites: Web designers develop pages that are easy to update so that they don't have to go back and tweak it for an end-user.

3) Knowledge of Modern Techniques: Web designers today will generate a sleek looking website that adhere to the most current w3 Consortium standards, utilizing HTML and CSS that is compatible with more than one browser.

4) Creativity: Web designers will be creative. They constantly continue their education and are well versed in modern web technology and will utilize interactive elements such as "Flash" into their work.

5) SEO: A web designer will code a webpage for Search Engine Optimization to maximize the websites search engine indexing statistics.

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